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Co-Founder / CEO

Kayla Morse Higgs

Kayla Morse Higgs, the CEO of Nu Balance Consulting, specializes in leadership coaching that bridges the gap between mindset, skills, and strategy. With a focus on guiding senior leaders, Kayla excels in helping them overcome mindset barriers and transform counterproductive behaviors.

With over a decade of experience in education and social impact, Kayla brings a unique blend of relational acumen, process-oriented thinking, and results-driven approach to her equity-focused coaching practice. Kayla offers a range of services including leadership coaching, workshops, keynotes, and strategic consultation for large-scale improvement projects. Through her expertise, Kayla cultivates brave and safe spaces for senior leaders to reflect, change, learn and grow to fully realize the mission of their organizations and most importantly, within themselves.



Walter R. Higgs III

Walter, co-founder of Nu Balance Consulting, focuses on the mindsets of those he works with, guiding them to navigate difficult situations with resilience and clarity.  Drawing on his background as a clinician, social worker, and ordained clergy he has catalyzed change in underserved communities through innovative programs for youth and adults for over 20 years. 

As a compassionate and progressive community leader, Walter fosters collaboration and creates safe spaces for all voices to be heard. His person-centered approach is fueled by a wealth of success stories, supporting individuals who have overcome major social and economic barriers. Through his holistic approach, Walter empowers individuals and organizations to navigate challenges and achieve mutually positive results. 

Our Team

We partner with educational organizations, faith-based institutions, nonprofits, and for-profit companies to provide targeted capacity-building support through job-embedded coaching, training/workshops, and strategic consultation.

  • Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive support and experience personal growth.  It is our belief that, through counseling, anyone can deal with many personal topics in life such as anger, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, marriage and relationship challenges. We are here to help you through your journey in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment, with the hope that you are able to identify aspects of your life you would like to change.  With this understanding, it is our belief that you are able to set your goals and work towards your desired change.

  • We offer tailored supervision and coaching to clinicians who are accumulating hours towards certification or seeking to deepen their clinical expertise. Walter partners with schools, nonprofits, and various institutions to provide robust support to clinical staff, enhancing their practice and offering personal clinical support.

    Our supervision services are designed to foster growth, ensuring clinicians are not only well-prepared to meet professional standards but also equipped to handle the complexities of their roles with confidence and competence. Whether you are a new clinician seeking guidance or an institution looking to strengthen your clinical team's capabilities, Walter’s supervision provides the insights and support necessary to excel in the demanding field of mental health.

  • We uniquely blend spiritual care with mental health practices to support the holistic well-being of individuals and faith-based communities. We offer specialized workshops, keynotes, panels, and speaking engagements led by Walter, designed to illuminate the valuable intersection of spirituality and mental wellness.

    Our services cater to congregations and organizations seeking to enhance their understanding and practice of pastoral care integrated with therapeutic insights. Walter’s dual expertise as a trained clinician and ordained minister enables him to provide deep, meaningful support that fosters both spiritual growth and mental health.

    Whether you are looking to enrich your community’s spiritual journey or expand your organization's capabilities in providing comprehensive care, Walter’s workshops and speaking engagements deliver essential knowledge and practical strategies that bridge the gap between faith and psychological well-being.

  • Our Case Management Support Services are designed to bridge the gap between legal, social, and community resources.

    We collaborate closely with attorneys who represent clients navigating the court system, ensuring these individuals receive the necessary social service supports to mitigate legal issues or facilitate a smoother transition post-legal challenges. Additionally, Walter partners with churches and faith-based organizations to enhance their capacity to offer robust social support through effective case management.

    Our services are tailored to empower organizations and professionals working with vulnerable populations, providing them with the tools and knowledge to deliver impactful support. Whether you are a legal professional seeking to complement your client advocacy with social services or a community institution aiming to strengthen your outreach, Walter’s expertise in case management can significantly elevate your effectiveness in fostering positive change.

  • At Nu Balance Consulting, we are proud to offer individual and group therapy services through various insurance providers, led by Walter, a licensed LICSW.


    Our therapy sessions are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients with a range of specialized therapeutic approaches:

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    • Trauma-Informed Care

    • Psychological First-Aid

    • Anger Management 

    • Mindfulness

    • Substance Abuse 


    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Harm Reduction

    • Restorative Justice 

    • Suicide Prevention

Walter offers clinical supervision, workshops, keynotes, and psychotherapies to organizations that want to center mental health and radical well-being into their systems, structures, and daily practice.
  • We are excited about the possibility of working with you to meet your mindset and organizational goals. To support the productivity of our time together, please include the focus and desired outcomes of our introductory connection.

  • In this personalized strategy session, you'll have the opportunity to dive deep into a specific problem of practice that you've identified. We'll work together to provide you with clarity on your "next best step" using our proven strategic framework.

    💡 What to Expect:

    • Problem of Practice: Please come prepared to describe your current problem of practice. What challenges are you facing, and what are your goals for addressing them?

    • Success Metrics: Think about what success looks like for you leaving this session. What specific outcomes or insights are you hoping to gain?

    • Additional Insights: Share any fears, competing commitments, or contextual information that will help us tailor our coaching and feedback to your unique situation.

    🤝 Your Investment: For just $75, you'll gain access to this valuable session that can help you unlock your potential as a leader and drive meaningful change in your practice.

  • The Nu Balance Scorecard offers leaders a transformative approach to embed racial equity and effective change within their organizations. It's a reflective and practical assessment tool that measures your current strategies against the ideals of equity and change, providing a clear pathway for growth. With your purchase comes a personalized action plan, leveraging our Equitable Change Management Framework and Roadmap to ensure your leadership not only envisions change but enacts it with intentionality and a commitment to justice.

  • Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to drive change in your educational or social impact leadership role? Our 3-session coaching bundle is designed to empower you with the knowledge, insights, and strategic mindset needed to make a lasting impact in your organization and beyond. At Nu Balance Consulting, we're committed to elevating the voices of women and people of color while focusing on racial equity and belonging.

    🔍 What's Included

    In this comprehensive coaching package, you'll receive:

    • Racial Equity and Strategic Mindset Scorecard: We start by delving deep into your personal mindset and your unique perspective on racial equity. This scorecard provides invaluable insights into where you stand, helping us tailor our coaching to your needs.

    • Three 1-Hour Coaching Sessions: Over the course of three sessions, we'll dive deep into your personal competencies and strategic next steps. We'll explore your identified problem of practice, but with a focus on empowering you to name the root issues, personal competing commitments, and solutions.

    • Tools, Protocols, and Resources: Throughout our sessions, we'll leverage our proven framework to provide you with practical tools, protocols, and resources to drive change effectively.

  • Inside Out Live: Leadership through Self-Understanding Group Coaching

    Discover a new realm of leadership development in our exclusive coaching course, designed for those committed to equity and transformative change in education and social sectors. This isn't just another skill-building program; it's a deep dive into your own psyche, challenging you to confront personal biases, socio-political awareness, and hidden psychological barriers that shape your leadership.

    In this unique, supportive space, you'll join a community of leaders where self-reflection is the cornerstone of growth. Our course emphasizes the internal work essential for leading with empathy and effectiveness in equity-focused roles. When the challenges of leadership mount, the insights and tools you gain here will be your compass, guiding you to lead with resilience, awareness, and impactful change.

Kayla offers a range of services including leadership coaching, workshops, keynotes, and strategic consultation for large-scale improvement projects.

Our Services

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