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Change begins within.

Inner shift.

Outer results.

We're mindset coaches.

Welcome to Nu Balance Consulting, where we believe in the power of transformation from the inside out. We're not just a consultancy; we're mindset coaches, supporting both organizations and individual leaders to interrogate their barriers to meaningful growth and change within themselves and where they lead.

At Nu Balance, we recognize that senior leaders often lack the reflective coaching space and strategic thought partnership needed to navigate challenges and drive sustainable change within themselves and others. That's where we step in.


Working with Nu Balance Consulting and Kayla has been invaluable. Kayla's approach is deeply human; she builds genuine relationships, asks insightful questions, and is committed to excellence for all students—an agenda that should resonate deeply with all of us. Her fearless encouragement to speak truth to power, coupled with her strategic insights, has greatly enhanced my personal growth and my capacity to lead effectively in my role.

Senior Director of Instruction

With grace and a steadfast commitment, Kayla has navigated complex power dynamics, always with a keen eye on minimizing impact and driving systemic change. Her precision and high standards of integrity are evident in every aspect of our partnership.

State Level School Improvement Officer


My experience with Nu Balance Consulting has been eye-opening. Not only have I been challenged to dive deeper into my thinking processes, but I've also gained a better understanding of who I am as an individual. Working under Walter's supervision has been therapeutic, educational, and very informative, enabling me to navigate the socio-emotional challenges that come with being a school counselor. His emphasis on self-care reminds us of the importance of replenishing ourselves to continue the work we love.

School Adjustment Counselor

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