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Headline: Nu: (adj) French: naked, raw, transparent

Balance (noun): an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady

Meet Us

Walter & Kayla Higgs

We truly believe that purpose is in N-U! We have partnered in life and in practice to utilize our skills and talents to create Nu Balance Consulting. Kayla is an educator, leadership consultant, and relationship builder using her strategic coaching skills to move people and organizations to meaningful change.  Walter is a licensed clinician, spiritual advisor, and organizational leader using his insightful approach to manage change in complex fields and teams. 

Collectively, our unique coaching and consulting agency is intentionally designed to share our expertise in the social sector to support individuals and organizations to operate courageously and powerfully, in the areas of mission-development, mindfulness, agency, and racial equity.


We focus our services on individual and collective capacity building and agility, so that you not just make change, but you can also sustain it  We deliver multi-faceted services informed by our expertise in education, growth & development and cognitive behavior therapy.


What Matters To Us

Transparency & Truth




To get NU growth you must have a NU perspective.

  NU Balance Consulting, LLC  is a coaching and counseling agency that specializes in guiding individuals, groups, and organizations to take a transparent look within to drive  BALANCE and GROWTH. 

Walter has results-driven expertise as a life coach and "resource broker". He also makes sure to center confidentiality and vulnerability as this provides a safe space for organic bidirectional growth to take place within the mentee and mentor relationship."

- S.B.

As soon as I was presented with an opportunity to partner with a world class non profit on an education consulting project, I reached out to Kayla! Having spent extensive time with Kayla learning about her industry expertise, I knew a Strategy Huddle with her would set me on the path to success, and it did. After our conversation, I was able to provide the client with the data, proposal, and fee structure to accommodate their needs. I highly recommend having a consultation with Kayla to determine the best strategy for your business and client. You will be prepared to win! -

- K.P.

Walter and Kayla have been godsends to our relationship. Their relatability, their realness and their joy of being together radiate whenever we meet with them. They have imparted to us the importance of communication by breaking down how to effectively listen to and understand one another. We have received tools which we continue to use in our relationship. As a result, our communication has continued to evolve. We are so grateful to them!

- F & L 

“I don’t know what to do Kayla!”


That was the first thing I said to Kayla when I was trying to deal with the structural injustices that are happening in my company. Kayla was excited about my response! Initially I thought that was strange. But, when she began to dissect the issue with me, make suggestions on how to make it manageable and shared resources that I could use to strengthen my argument and build my case to company leadership on why their practices and silence not only makes the space hard to succeed in as a black woman but also how it needed to change, I then realized I was in good hands.


Kayla is knowledgeable and passionate about helping me learn my voice and speak my truth. She is understanding and open.  She challenged me to dig deeper, believe in myself and change my perspective.


I didn’t know it yet, but that’s exactly what I needed to hear. 

- S.P. 


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