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What Matters To Us

Transparency & Truth

We believe that acknowledging and identifying are the first steps to living and leading a balanced and transformative life. Truth always challenges existing  power and develops personal power, so we unapologetically center our support around pursuit of this belief.  ​


We believe in a partnership coaching model that is client-centered and strengths-based.  We utilize proven practices in an interdisciplinary model that will be customized to your personal development.

Image by Bud Helisson
Image by Nathan Dumlao


Growth is continuous and it is best directed by you.  We commit to growing self-awareness, efficacy, and skills to maintain self-directed growth.​


There is strength in inclusivity, and since we believe in becoming our best selves, we must be liberated to bring and be our full selves at work and in our personal life.  We incorporate an explicit racial equity and social justice lens to all aspects of our coaching and consulting.


What People Are Saying About Coaching: 

"My work with Kayla was phenomenal. I made a career switch to enter the education sector two years ago and was soon approaching my first lead teacher interview in a special education classroom. I wasn't sure how to best position my corporate work experience to the classroom, especially a high-needs one. Kayla understood my doubts and patiently reviewed my resume, identifying parallels to the role I was going for. She sent me 15+ questions I could expect in the interview ahead of our phone call, and later refined my answers to better represent my strengths. The entire process was confidence building and clearly worthwhile, I received a job offer the very same day of my interview. I will be keeping in touch! I'll certainly need more advice as my teaching career progresses and I trust Kayla to support me throughout."  - T. B., Educator

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